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And we aren’t the only ones. We have received support from:

The Michigan Health Endowment Fund has awarded Wellspring a $100,000 grant to support the recovery and clinical operations of Wellspring Academy.

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services has appropriated funds for the development of Wellspring Academy’s launch.

The Michigan International Prep Schools provides support through curriculum, educational quality oversight, information systems and training.


Wellspring Academy is possible because of the continued guidance of the Association of Recovery Schools, whose mission is to support and inspire recovery high schools for optimum performance, empowering hope and access to every student in recovery.

Wellspring Lutheran Services is a statewide nonprofit committed to engaging people at every stage of life to help them experience and embrace their God-given potential. It’s work we’ve been doing for more than 125 years.

Wellspring helps change lives, build strong families and transform communities through a diverse set of services including: adoption services, affordable housing, assisted living, behavioral health, family preservation, foster care, home care, hospice and grief support, independent living, memory care, parenting support, short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing care and supportive housing for youths. More than 1,100 employees carry out our work statewide, impacting people in more than 50 of Michigan’s 83 counties.

We believe in your future.

Hear from people who believe in the importance of having a recovery high school to help walk the road of recovery with Michigan teens.
  • David A. Spivey

    David A. Spivey

    President & CEO, St. Mary Mercy
    Vice President - Community Health & Well-being, Trinity Health Michigan
    “The development of Wellspring Academy recovery high school is an important and innovative educational response to alcohol and substance abuse among our young people. Too often in traditional settings, students with substance abuse issues are pushed along throughout high school, with neither their addiction nor education appropriately addressed. This program will build ⎯ and rebuild ⎯ the lives of young students and support them into becoming contributing members of our community.”

    Tom Willis

    Cofounder, Phoenix Performance Partners
    Member, Wellspring Academy Advisory Board
    “As a former school superintendent, it’s my honor to support an impressive team of life-changers who are bringing the Wellspring Academy to life here in Michigan. The Wellspring Academy is a recovery high school, which is a secondary school designed specifically for students in recovery from substance use disorder. One such lethal substance affecting far too many of our young people during their formative years is synthetic opioids, causing deaths to shoot up by over 4,000% between 1999-2018. In fact, opioid overdose deaths accounted for nearly 70% of all drug overdose deaths in 2018.  This leaves so many of our future leaders with no hope and nowhere to seek help. And although there are 43 recovery high schools in the United States, none are in Michigan. Until now. Join us in quite literally changing lives in profoundly positive ways.”
  • Karen Bonanno

    Executive Director, Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition 
    “Having Wellspring Academy in our community would be a very powerful statement of a healthy community ⎯ giving high school students who are actively seeking successful recovery this opportunity of living and learning. Having the tools to know how to proceed in their life as a person in recovery would be such a valuable tool for these young people; and such a great gift to their families and loved ones.”
  • Michael J. Bouchard

    Oakland County Sheriff
    “During the opioid epidemic I’ve pushed for innovated programming in many areas of the sheriff’s office to be progressive in pushing back against the crisis. We launched medically-assisted treatment in our jail, as well as rides to recovery to get those suffering from addiction into treatment. I’m proud to support Wellspring’s recovery high school as another piece of recovery efforts we can offer in Oakland County. While many may not want to admit there are some high school students who are suffering from addiction, we cannot turn a blind eye to the reality of what is happening. To be able to get these students successfully through high school while in recovery, and receive the support and treatment they need will set our county apart from others again. I am honored to be able to support the efforts to bring recovery high school to Oakland County.”
  • Kadi Prout

    Kadi Prout

    Associate Executive Director, Michigan Federation for Children and Families
    “Wellspring Lutheran Services has an in-depth understanding of the needs of communities and families, and is a natural leader to create a path for Michigan’s first standalone recovery high school. So many families have been searching for a program like this, and Wellspring Academy is ready to be the answer and walk alongside them in their healing.”
  • Karen Storck

    Karen Storck

    Member, Wellspring Lutheran Services Board of Directors
    Member, Wellspring Academy Advisory Board
    “The statistics on substance abuse and recovery are staggering. The need for a recovery high school can't be ignored. Wellspring Lutheran Services has a long history of addressing the needs of people in need of hope. I have every confidence that Wellspring Academy will be a place where young people will grow and succeed in meeting their academic and recovery goals."
  • Andrea Logan

    Andrea Logan

    Member, Wellspring Lutheran Services Board of Directors
    “As a Wellspring board member I am so grateful the leadership team recognized the need for a recovery high school in Michigan. When the board was educated on the success of recovery high schools for students in recovery, we overwhelmingly supported investing resources in these young people’s futures.”

You can support Wellspring Academy.

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The mission of Wellspring Academy is to provide a safe, sober and supportive academic environment where students can achieve their highest level of educational success and personal recovery. Wellspring Academy does not discriminate against any student because of race, gender, creed, religion or sexual orientation.

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